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LED Lighting

We offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties in Tampa, FL.

Comprehensive LED Lighting Services

LED lighting is rapidly becoming the preferred lighting choice for many property owners, and for good reason. LED lights are energy-efficient, durable, and can enhance the appearance of any room. Additionally, they are more eco-friendly for your home or business in Tampa, FL than traditional lighting options, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, as LED bulbs use less energy and never contain any hazardous materials.

Our LED lighting solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you need a complete lighting system installation or want to upgrade your current one to a more eco-friendly setup. Our team of experts will help you design a customized LED lighting plan for your Florida home or business that perfectly matches your needs and preferences while always making sure that you get the most out of your space’s aesthetics and functionality. Switching to LED lighting can save you money on energy bills while also reducing your carbon footprint.

LED Retrofitting

One of the most popular LED lighting solutions we offer is LED retrofitting. This involves replacing traditional lighting fixtures with LED ones, which can provide significant energy savings over time. We can retrofit any type of fixture, such as ones that use conventional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes, and we’ll work with you to determine the best LED lighting solution for your needs.

LED Lighting Design

We also offer LED lighting design services, which can help you create a customized lighting plan that perfectly matches your home or business’s unique style and needs. Our team will work with you to determine the ideal color temperature, brightness, and placement of your LED lights, ensuring that you get the most out of your new lighting system.

Outdoor LED Lighting

We also have plenty of options for outdoor LED lighting solutions if that’s what you are looking for. Our experts can install LED floodlights, security lighting, and even landscape lighting to enhance the appearance of your property and keep it safe and secure. With LED outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your property even after dark while also reducing your energy usage and costs.

Why Choose Charter Electric?

Experienced and Certified Electricians

Charter Electric’s team of experienced and certified electricians is trained in the latest LED lighting products and techniques. This ensures that you’ll receive top-quality service that is efficient, safe, and meets all the necessary standards and codes in Tampa, FL.

High-Quality LED Products

Charter Electric only uses the highest-quality LED products in your home or business. These products are reliable, durable, and energy-efficient, ensuring that customers get the most out of their investment in LED lighting. The use of high-quality products also reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements, providing long-term cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal at Charter Electric is to provide you with exemplary service. It is imperative to us that you are satisfied with our work. We take pride in our reputation for providing Tampa residents and business owners with excellent service, and we strive to maintain that reputation.

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