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4 Common Code Violations in Commercial Buildings

4 Common Code Violations in Commercial BuildingsJust like Tampa homeowners, owners of commercial properties must maintain safe electrical systems in their buildings. Electrical code violations shouldn't be taken lightly, so hire an electrician soon if you require commercial code corrections.

Watch Out for These Electrical Code Violations

  • Faulty Wiring – Wiring mistakes are more common than you may think, so your commercial building may have unprotected wires, improper wiring lengths, tight wires, and a lack of a neutral wire. New light fixtures installed with old wiring is also a complication because this new lighting operates at a hotter temperature than the old wiring can handle. Therefore, if your building was built before 1987, have your electrician rewire the structure so that you can install new light fixtures and avoid fire hazards.
  • Grounding – Electricians install ground wires so that excess energy from buildings can be transferred into the ground, a process which reduces the risk of damaged appliances, fire, and electrocution. If you have an old building, grounding problems may occur, so you should reach out to an electrical contractor as soon as possible to inspect the structure.
  • Improper Splicing – A splice is a connection between two or more wires, and splices must occur within a junction box. Usually, splices can reside outside junction boxes only for temporary lighting or troubleshooting purposes.
  • Overcrowding – If multiple wires are jammed into a 7/8-inch hole when a building is being wired, overcrowding occurs. Overcrowding can result in insulation damage and burning, and these burned wires can be buried behind walls without your knowledge. You won't become aware of these burned wires until the exposed conductors spark an electrical fire, so overcrowding should be taken very seriously. The best way to resolve overcrowding is to hire an electrician to inspect your electrical system for more than three wires in a single hole.

Contact Our Electricians to Eliminate Code Violations

If you suspect electrical code violations in your Tampa business building, don't hesitate to contact a skilled electrician from Charter Electric to perform commercial code corrections so that the risk of electrical fires, bodily harm, and property damage are reduced significantly. Don't wait for your next electrical inspection to address problems regarding code violations.

If you are looking for commercial electrical repairs in the Tampa area, give us a call today at 813-720-7380 or complete our online request form.